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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Between 10th Avenue and 12th Avenue

Between 10th and 11th, it gets more industrial.
A peculiar little building at 515 W. 57th sells serious audio equipment.

Across the street, CBS holds sway, with its broadcast and production center taking up the south side of the block.

On the north side of the block, the long black glass building (re-cladding of an older building by Der Scutt) is the home of International Flavors and Fragrances, the people who make your dishwasher detergent smell the way it does.

On the n.w. corner is one of the remaining auto dealerships, BMW.

Between 11th and 12th:
On the s.w. corner is the Tasos Cafe, a standard coffee shop so close to New Jersey that there's Taylor Pork Roll on the menu.

The n.w. corner (actually half the block) has a big, bulky blue glass apartment building, of all things in this neighborhood, nearly finished

East of an Infiniti dealer and a Nissan dealer some construction work has begun on a site owned by the Department of Sanitation.

On the s.w. corner of 12th Street is the location of signmaker ArtKraft Strauss.

Beyond a large vacant lot on the north side of the block, it is impossible to miss the magnificent original power station for the IRT, located on 59th Street. The exterior was designed by Stanford White in 1904. It is not a designated landmark, although a number of the original subway stations designed by Heins & LaFarge are. The building is now used by Con Ed.

Finally, at the far western end of 57th Street, the Hudson River and New Jersey beyond.


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