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Monday, September 05, 2005

Between 11th Avenue and 10th Avenue

Crossing 11th Avenue, look downtown to see the Michael J. Quill MTA bus depot, named after the feisty founding president of the Transit Workers' Union, who is best remembered by old-timers for telling the judge who ordered an injunction against the 1966 transit strike that he could drop dead in his black robes.

Click here to read more about Mike Quill.

Theatre Row, a couple of blocks specifically named that (although there are many theatres on many blocks in the theatre district in midtown west) refers to a group of off-Broadway houses on far west 42nd Street, including Signature Theatre, pictured.

Here's an unusual exterior stairway at 534 West 42nd (also the address of the Jose Quintero Theatre.)

Between 11th and 10th avenues are cars parked at an angle to the curb, a sure sign in NYC that there is a police station on the block, even if the cars are unmarked vehicles. Midtown South is right here.


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