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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

From 5th Avenue to Vanderbilt Avenue

Before crossing Fifth Avenue, after looking at the library, take in the long view eastward.
The Chrysler Building dominates, as it deserves to. I'll say more about it when we're in front of it. In the meantime, admire its curving crown, seen to even better advantage at night when it is illuminated by radiating fluorescent lights.

From the sublime to the ridiculous (a New York mantra) this poster was in the window of a storefront on the north side of the street.

Not that much to see here; scurry along to Madison Avenue.

On the south side of the street is the Lincoln Building (one of at least two by that name in NYC), , designed by J.E.R. Carpenter and built in 1928-29, during a skyscraper boom.

Further east is the oddly named Altria building, so-called after the company changed its named from Philip Morris, a major public relations move designed to hide the fact that the company has made its fortune from cigarettes and to suggest, perhaps, that its primary business is...altruism?

To be sure, it is a major funder of all kinds of cultural endeavors and it is not surprising that there is a branch of the Whitney Museum off the lobby. The building was designed by Ulrich Franzen and built in 1982.

The north side of the street is a little more complicated. Vanderbilt Avenue, a very short street, really a driveway for dropoffs, skirts the west side of Grand Central Terminal.

At the northwest corner is Modell's sporting goods store, with some amusing bas-reliefs.


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