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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

From 9th Avenue to 8th Avenue

On the southeast corner of 42nd Street and 9th Avenue is a holdout group of five-story buildings, 568-578 9th Avenue, dating from about 1897.

Empire Coffee and Tea is located in 568 and notes that it has been in the neighborhood since 1908.

Across the street, on the northeast corner or 42nd and 9th Avenue, a very tall tower is set on a base about the same height as the low-rise buildings, out of respect to their scale.

The red brick Holy Cross Church, by Henry Engelbert, 1870, was described as "Byzantine" when it was built. Not far from Times Square, to the east, is a traffic island with a statue dedicated to Father Duffy, whose parish this was.

Still known as the McGraw-Hill building, although the publishers are long gone, one of Raymond Hood's masterpieces has faced Holy Cross since 1930. This is a close-up of the distinctive banding at the entry of the striped Art Deco building.

This is what the body of the building looks like.

The impression from a distrance is of blue-green horizontal stripes, a shocking use of color at the time the building was constructed.

We'll see another of his buildings farther east. Actually, we'll see two, but one of those is not right on 42nd Street.

Near the corner, on the north side of the street, is this colorful row, dating from 1901, by Jason Cole. One can assume that #319 was not always red, white and blue.


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