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Thursday, September 15, 2005

From Times Square to 6th Avenue

The 42nd Street facade of the Conde Nast building is more conservative and conventional than the Times Square facade. We are leaving the amusement park architecture
and atmosphere appropriate for a popular entertainment district for
more serious pursuits and buildings.

This block is very short, but there is something important going on at the northeast corner. It's going to be a big building -- you can see straight through to 43rd Street. There may be a sign on 43rd that has some information about the new building, but I didn't take the detour to find out because I was eager to get to the next block. The low building on the far side of the building site is Town Hall, built by the League for Political Education in 1921 and
designed by McKim, Mead and White in the Georgian Revival style. It is a concert and lecture hall rather than a theatre, and highly regarded for its fine acoustics. Marian Anderson made her New York debut here in 1935; she is only one of many distinguished artists and other public figures who have had engagements in the auditorium.


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