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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Between Second and First

The Ford Foundation building caused a sensation when it was built, in 1967, designed by Kevine Roche John Dinkeloo & Assocs. This was the first planted atrium and remains the best. It is still open to the public, although it must be entered from the 43rd Street entry. The building is a designated landmark.

Across the street is a little church that is probably the oldest building on the entire street, the Tudor Revival Church of the Covenant, designed by J.C. Cady, and standing here since 1871.
I like to think it was the inspiration for Tudor City.

Walk up the stairs at this point, take a look around Tudor City and see if you agree.

There are two little private parks on the Tudor City level.

This entire complex is a designated historic district. It was a urban renewal effort by the Fred R. French Co. and H. Douglas Ives and was conceived as middle-class housing at the time it was built between 1925-28. The 12 original building exteriors are lavishly ornamented in a fanciful interpretation of the Tudor style. Tudor City remains desirable, if not fashionable, and a quiet enclave (literally) above the urban fray.

L'Impero, a high-end Italian restaurant is located here.

This is the door to the local pre-school program. You get the idea.

The rear facades of the buildings were left plain and relatively windowless, to allow the new tenants to avert their eyes from the slaughterhouses, power plants and nondescript tenements below. New windows were added in recent years.


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