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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Between Clinton and Essex

On the south side of the street, between Clinton and Essex, there is a row of food stores, mostly kosher, including a pizzeria and a Chinese restaurant. The two notable places are the Doughnut Plant

and Kossar's Bialys.
A bialy is a flat onion roll made more or less the way they were in Bailystock, Poland (remember the synagogue? -- there is also a Bialystoker home for the elderly right around here, too.) I took my walk on a Saturday, so the kosher establishments were closed for the Sabbath. Otherwise, even though I'm not generally recommending restaurants or food stores in these walks, except to point them out, but I urge anyone who has not had a Kossar's bialy to do so at the earliest possible moment. Bialys are made by a few other bakeries, but they are not the same. The business is no longer owned by the family and there is no telling when "improvements" will alter the bialy beyond recognition, a la the fate of the bagel. A few years ago, the new owners made the roll larger, the better to accomodate sandwich fillings, and now I see that there is a new sign. I fear for the tenants of these one-story buildings, as real estate values continue to increase and Manhattan property, even on the lower east side, becomes too valuable to warrant such a small building.

The Doughnut Plant would not allow pictures to be taken inside the store, but some of its wares can be seen here, through the window. These puffy beauties are sold in many high-end establishments uptown and are actually worth the calories.


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