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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Essex to Allen

Look downtown on Essex Street. This is what the entire area that we've walked looked like 100 years ago -- only teeming with people. On a weekday or Sunday, it is still lively, but this picture was taken on a Saturday, and the block is still part of what remains of the Jewish lower east side.

On the northwest corner of Grand and Essex is Seward Park High School, Walter C. Martin, 1929. Basketball has always been considered an urban sport: note the court on the roof of the school building.

The cast-iron building on the south side of the street between Essex and Ludlow was constructed in 1887, but painted blue (a very contemporary building color) very recently.

This little building, on the southeast corner of Grand and Ludlow looks ripe for restoration to me.

On the southwest corner of Grand and Orchard is a building whose most notable feature today is its pinkness. It was the E.S. Ridley Department Store, one of the city's most fahionable toward the end of the 19th century. It did not choose its location well and went out of business in 1901.

Orchard Street and environs were given the soubriquet "Bargain District" a few years ago.

The surrounding streets still have scores of discount shops that have been there for decades, and have been joined by stores, restaurants and clubs catering (mind-bogglingly-so to those with a sense of history) to the young and hip.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The little building on the se corner of Grand and Ludlow housed the Grand Street Dairy Restaurant,which might have been its' final ground floor tenant.The reataurant was pretty high on the filth-o-meter in its' last few years.Something tells me that the building is a tough sell,and I'm figuring that it's likely to be torn down and replaced by one of the build -a kit glass or brick monsters springing up all over the LES....

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