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Friday, January 13, 2006

Bleecker Street V

After crossing Seventh Avenue South, we enter the Greenwich Village Historic District, the second historic district so designated by the Landmarks Preservation Commission and the first in Manhattan. (Brooklyn Heights was the first.) It's fascinating cultural and social history has been documented in many articles, books and films. For every cliche and stereotype, there is another in contradiction. It has been home to the highest and lowest members of society, the most conservative and the most radical. It continues to defy easy categorization, but its low-rise, informal atmosphere is perhaps more conducive to casual strolling than any other neighborhood in New York. This Greek Revival row predates the buildings department, which began keeping records in 1866. These buildings were probably constructed between 1830-1850. The ground floors are much altered.

A look down Grove Street shows a typical Greenwich Village block.

Across the street is a much more recent yellow brick tenement with some nice terra cotta ornament.

The commercial streets in the Village are still lined with charming stores, like this one, Davis & Gardner, that offers a selection of antique globes.

An Aromatherapy Bar is at 321 Bleecker.

Across the street, Blue Nile has hookahs and other smoking paraphernalia in the window.

In older neighborhoods, you can find the street names directly on the buildings.
Looking up Christopher Street, one can see a row of four buildings in various states of preservation and restoration.

This was the Gessner block, constructed in 1872, it says proudly under the cornice.

Between Christoper and West 10th Street, one side of the street is not in the historic district.

But the other side is.

The nondescript building houses Satya, a store that sells "yoga-inspired" jewelry

as well as Marc and Max, a lingerie and accessories shop.

There is a beautiful flower shop on the block.

But this is the store everyone remembers.


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