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Saturday, July 22, 2006

125th Street, 3

The block between Fifth Avenue and Lenox (6th Avenue) is very lively and busy with shoppers and strollers. On one corner is a Body Shop, commonplace in most shopping districts and malls, but evidence here of economic revival.

This is central Harlem. Many of the stores reflect the heritage of the current population of the neighborhood. On another corner is a boutique selling African wedding clothes.
IMG_1972 (Small)

The late 19th-century red brick building named "Bertha"
IMG_1974 (Small)
houses a shop for African goods.

Contrasts abound. A lovely new store at 24-26 West 125th, "Carol's Daughter," that sells its own fragrant soaps and cosmetics
IMG_1978 (Small)
shares the ground floor with a not-so-lovely pawnshop.
IMG_1979 (Small)

On the street itself there are vendors galore, many of them selling the same items. Tubs of shea butter are very popular. IMG_1977 (Small)

There is still plenty of opportunity for development.

The Abyssinian Development Corporation, an organization dedicated to the social, economic and physical improvement of Central Harlem, is located on this block.

The next block (between Lenox and Adam Clayton Powell (7th) has even more mall-type stores, including Cohen's Fashion Optical in a red brick building with some rather elaborate ornament.
IMG_1984 (Small)

This lavish building (132-140 W. 125th) was Harlem's main department store (Koch & Company) for 30 years after it moved here from lower Sixth Avenue in 1893. William H.Hume & Son designed the original building, since altered. IMG_1996 (Small)

The Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building, (Ifill Johnson Hanchard, 1973) housing Bill Clinton's office, is here
IMG_1989 (Small)
complete with a striding Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. on its plaza. The bronze sculpture was created by Branly Cadet and cast in Brooklyn. (2005)
IMG_1993 (Small)
Powell was a charismatic and controversial politician who represented Harlem in Congress.

At the edge of the plaza is a mural featuring Harlem themes.
IMG_1997 (Small)

On the other side of the street is The Studio Museum in Harlem (major alteration by Rogers Marvel,2005)
IMG_1998 (Small)The museum exhibits work by artists of African descent.

And on the southwest corner of Adam Clayton Powell is the former Hotel Theresa, (George and Edward Blum, 1912-13. Fidel Castro stayed here in 1960. It is a designated NYC landmark. IMG_1995 (Small)

The monogram "HT" is still prominent on the 3rd story window surrounds. IMG_2255 (Small)


Blogger Fulltiltredhead said...

What a beautiful blog. I can't wait for your next walk!

6:55 PM  
Blogger Sandra Levine said...

Thank you. I have more to go on 125th Street and then I'll have to think of where to walk next.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clinton's office is at 55 West 125th Street, one block to the east of where you say it is.

4:04 AM  

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